Financial Support for Widows and Destitute Families

R.R. gave birth to twins. One of the twins had Cataract in her eyes. Cataract surgery was performed by funds donated by a businessman and this girl is able to see but she is unable to speak. She requires “Speech Therapy”. At this stage Ms. R. R.’s husband abandoned the family and disappeared. This lady moved to her mother’s house who is herself a widow. The mother sells vegetables and supports her two unmarried daughters, Ms. R. R. as well as her 3 daughters.

Ms. D. Begum (widow) has 5 children. She lives rent free in one room in a relative’s house and supports her family by working for a flower shop on daily wages. One of her children has a blood disorder requiring continuous treatment. Other children are going to school. She could not afford schooling costs and was looking for help.

SEED donors recommended these families for help. SEED BoD decided to start a new program “Widows & Destitute Families Support” to support such families. This year we are providing financial support (day-to-day expenses) to 8 families with 21 children. Five families are headed by widows and 3 are destitute.

SEED is helping the poor in India (providing education to children, training for jobs to unemployed youth, diabetic care centers for poor). Please visit for more information on our programs. If you want to help the poor join hands with SEED and donate online or mail a check.

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