K-12 Education

  • SEED primary objective is to provide quality education to poor children in underprivileged communities.
  • SEED provides funding to schools for paying tuition to poor and needy children with primary focus on orphans and destitute families.
  • Educational activities of these schools are supported by providing funding for facilities, computer labs, teacher salaries, teacher training, student books and uniforms. Some of the families are provided with monthly stipends for expenses and nourishment.
  • These schools are selected through personal visits and referrals throughout India located in 14 states. Student and school performance is reviewed rigorously to meet funding requirements.
  • A total of 15,000 students including 2500 orphans are supported this current year.
  • A new computer training center with an AI lab established in Chennai for high school in 2023. Another Computer training lab for high school established in Aligarh.

College Scholarships

  • SEED has been providing higher education scholarships for Intermediate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees throughout India with focus on merit as well as need based scholarships.
  • The merit scholarships are awarded each year to students who have performed at the highest level of academic excellence in the respective field and these are donor funded scholarships.
  • Need based scholarships in post metric to doctorate are awarded to students that meet qualifying criteria and continue to perform well in academic pursuit.
  • Submission of scholarship is advertised in local papers and social media; scholarships are generally awarded once the selection process is completed. A total of 1300 scholarships were granted in the current year 2022.
  • Scholarship selection and grant is completed in association with local partners such as MET Delhi, HHF Hyderabad.