Primary health care is a crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being and health of individuals, especially for underprivileged and poor communities.

These communities often face a range of health challenges, including lack of access to essential health services, limited resources, and high rates of chronic illnesses and communicable diseases.

Primary health care services are provided in partnership with our primary medical partner Helping Hand Foundation( and multiple healthcare organizations across many cities in India.

Our health care partners with the SEED's funding have established primary health care clinics in underserved underprivileged communities providing access to medical doctors, nurses, 

pharmacy and referral to specialist care which is mostly free of cost to the patients. By providing essential health services, primary health care can improve health outcomes for underprivileged communities.

This includes reducing the incidence of communicable diseases, improving maternal and child health, and reducing the burden of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

SEED in 2022, started first of its kind free of cost dialysis center in Hyderabad with 10 state of art dialysis machines. This dialysis center provides high quality service staffed with well qualified doctors and technical staff.