Special Programs

Wellness Center for Ladies

SEED in partnership with Helping Hand Foundation operates two Wellness Centers in Hyderabad. One hundred ladies are benefiting from these centers. These centers have weight loss training program in addition to general fitness equipment. Qualified female trainers provide training.

Small Vendors Development Training

SEED Partnered with The Quran Foundation (TQF), a local NGO in Hyderabad to offer this training. TQF trained the vendors and improved their skills by teaching them marketing, money management, soft skills, and customer relationship.

This year we have started this training in the City of Patna, State of Bihar in addition to Hyderabad, State of Telangana. A total of thirty-five vendors are participating in this program.

Maternity Hospital Support

SEED in partnership with Islamic Oasis Organization (Chicago) provided funding (Rupees 21,50,000) to a charity Maternity Hospital in Aurangabad, State of Maharashtra. With this funding the local NGO, Al-Khadimah Trust, was able to purchase a Generator, instruments and furniture for this hospital. This hospital will be operational as of January 15th 2023.

Water Well for Slum Area Residents

In Aurangabad there is a huge slum area where there is no water supply. Residents have to bring water using water tankers. SEED funded one “Bore Well”. This well is drilled and is providing water to 125 families. SEED has plans to fund additional water wells in this areas.

Journalist and Attorney Apprentice Training

Under SEED sponsorship six journalists completed one-day Apprentice training program under senior journalists since 2020.

The current batch of eight journalists will complete their apprenticeship in January 2023. The objective is to impart training to young journalist under the mentorship of a senior journalist to improve their skills. These trainees are committed to write about minority issues in India.