SEED providing diabetic care to poor in Hyderabad

City of Hyderabad in India could be called Capitol of India for Diabetes. 14% of city’s population suffers from Diabetes. 9% of India’s population has Diabetes and 6.2% of world population is Diabetic.

SEED is providing Diabetic Care for poor people in the city of Hyderabad. SEED is working with a local NGO, DR. G. A. Health Trust and operates 4 Diabetic Care Centers in the city where 600 poor patients obtain free treatment. Each center is equipped with professional staff to provide needed medical care. Patients are given medicines at “no cost” to them.

On 5/19/2013, Dr. G. A. Health Trust inaugurated a Diagnostic Laboratory that will provide free testing to these patients. This will improve quality of care. SEED provided funding for the lab.

SEED is providing 100% financial support to DR. G. A. Health Trust.
2013 funding =$21,500.00

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